We have confirmed with you the T3 application form but now in the middle of the project we need to make some changes. Will it affect the visualization costs and deadlines?

Yes, the prices and deadlines will change, unless we have agreed on making the changes in advance.

If we have an urgent work that has to be done in a couple of hours, will you be able to help?

Yes, we are always ready to help you and solve your task in the given deadline.

What is the best way to give you the information about the project?

The quickest way is to give us all the information at once and send it to our email. If the project files are too big, you can share these in any file transfer (WeTransfer, Dropbox) program. You can always choose any other way that’s more comfortable for you.

What information is required for the T3 application form?

Architectural drawings – layouts, sections and detail drawings with dimension indications etc. Preferred AutoCAD (.dwg) file format. Full selection of furniture, decorative elements, accessories, lighting elements etc. Specification of materials, textures and colours of architectural elements and furniture. Preferred camera angles and quantity.

You made the 3d visualization for our project. Is it possible to receive the 3d model of that project as well?

Yes, it is - upon an additional agreement.

Will we get a better price, if we order visualizations for several projects at once?

Yes, we are interested in an ongoing (long lasting) collaboration with our clients therefore we are willing to reach an agreement.

If I require a set of visualizations for one object but for example with 3 different design options, would I have to pay as for 3 different objects?

It all depends on how different are going to be the required design iterations. Most likely, we will charge a full price for the first image and calculate additional costs carefully.

We haven’t decided yet on the final design for the project and we want to do some work together with your 3d artist (test different furniture options etc). Is it possible?

Yes, such option is available – we call it interactive work (designing). You can set up a meeting by contacting us in advance.

How can I follow the progress of my project?

Feel free to always contact us and we will keep you up to date with the project.